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P.O. Box 222, Ludlow, Vermont 05149


Membership Application 2014-2015

(Regular & Associate)


Snowmobile Information –Required, except for Associate Membership; we do not keep information from previous years, please provide ALL information on this form. Failure to do so will result in application being returned.)


Year: ______________ Manufacturer: _____________________________________

Model: _________________________Serial #: ______________________________

Registration #: ____________________ State where Registered: ________________


Registered Owner (use address shown on Registration)/Associate Member Info:


First Name:_____________________ MI:___ Last Name:______________________

P.O. Box or House # _________Street: _____________________________________

City/Town: ___________________________ State: ____________Zip:___________

Telephone: _____________________ E-Mail: _______________________________


To receive monthly Club information please provide your E-Mail Address:

Member’s Name: (if different from registered owner)__________________________


Membership Fees (includes VAST TMA, Club and County dues)


Type of TMA/Membership: (circle one-use separate application for each machine; to qualify for any Resident TMA, the snowmobile must be registered in Vermont)


All Prices per TMA

NOTE: To qualify for Resident/Landowner rate, the snowmobile must be registered in Vermont and a paid Vermont property tax bill presented.

Regular TMA
Resident/Landowner $XXX.XX
Non-Resident $XXX.XX
  Classic TMA  (No longer available-discontinued)
Resident/Landowner Not Available
Non-Resident Not Available

Note: To qualify for the Family TMA discount all snowmobiles must be registered in the same name at the same address.

Family TMA  (Only available during Early Bird Period)
Resident/Landowner (1st two) Not Available
Resident/Landowner (additional) Not Available
Non-Resident (1st two) Not Available
Non-Resident (additional) Not Available
Total enclosed for TMA's  
Associates Membership Dues @ $15 each  
Grooming Donation for Club  
Club decals @ $1.00 each  
Total Enclosed  


Make checks payable to: Side Hill Cronchers and mail to P.O. Box 222, Ludlow, VT 05149

(Maps, County & State, are available at one of our TMA outlets: Benson’s Chevrolet, Ludlow NAPA, Ludlow Insurance, Finn & Stone Insurance, Cool Moose Café, Ludlow Country Store and Dan Turco & Sons in Shrewsbury)

Associate Membership – Any person that is not a snowmobiler may join our club as an Associate Member. This class of membership provides for all membership privileges except for voting. Just fill out the member and e-mail information and forward with the annual dues payment of $15.00.     


Limited Liability Statement

(Must be signed)

As a member of a snowmobile club I, the undersigned, owner of the snowmobile described above, declare that I am liable for the use of a trail in conformance with the snowmobile laws and rules of the State of Vermont.  Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, I declare that I am well aware of the risks related to the presence of tree branches, stones and soil on the trail as well as the risks related to the maintenance and signing of a trail.  I consequently declare that I deny my own recourse to any damage, be it of any kind that could happen to me in the use of a trail. I also pledge that I will inform any person to whom I would lend or rent the snowmobile that I own, of the risks above mentioned and will advise them that the association, the club or the owner of the trail do not assume any responsibility for the damages they could undergo while using the trail.

As of September 1, 2003, every individual operating a snowmobile in Vermont is required to have personal liability insurance.  The minimum required coverage is $25,000 for one injury or $50,000 for two or more injuries or deaths with a minimum of $10,000 property damage.  The fine for operating without the insurance is $601.00 plus court costs.


________________________________________                              _______________

                        Signature                                                                               Date

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