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Hi Everyone:

The VAST members at the annual meeting voted to increase TMA (Trail Pass) charges by $5.00 for this season (2017-2018). There is a Regular TMA and an Out of state TMA. Any snowmobile registered in the state of VT qualifies for a regular TMA. Any snowmobile that is not registered in Vermont requires the purchase of an out of state TMA.


The classifications are as follows:

     Regular Snowmobile – any snowmobile
    Family Snowmobile - three or more snowmobiles registered at the same physical address
    Four Day Passes (available after 12-15-17) - any snowmobile to be operated for four consecutive days only


The Antique snowmobile TMA/Membership is only sold by VAST, they can be contacted at:
          Vermont Association of Snow Travelers
          26 VAST Lane
          Barre, VT 05641

There is once again a substantial savings in the cost of all TMA/Memberships if they are purchased prior to December 15th. This is an absolute deadline. The costs are outlined on the attached application form. Please note that this year Family TMA’s can only be purchased during the Early Bird or prior to December 15th time period.


As always, because you are a member of the Side Hill Cronchers, we try to make your TMA/Membership purchase as simple as possible. So this year we have introduced an On-Line Process.  This is brand new and in the very early stages so we ask your understanding if you have a few glitches in the process.  We are very open to any feedback for improvements that we can make in the future. So, give it a try and Click here or the "On-Line Application" button below and follow the directions.


If you prefer, we do have TMA/Membership outlets in Ludlow; however the on-line membership will take the pressure off of them and hopefully prevent a last minute rush for you so you won’t have to wait in line.


Please complete the application in total and note the following:
     a) Make checks payable to “Side Hill Cronchers”
     b) The Limited Liability Statement must be signed if you choose to join by mail.
     c) To qualify for a resident TMA you must have a Vermont registered machine.
     d) A separate application is required for each snowmobile, please make copies.
     e) In order to get the early bird pricing the application must be post-marked before December 15th.


For those that want to pick up their TMA in Ludlow, we still have our local vendors. Pick them up at Ludlow Country Store, Timber Inn Motel, Ludlow Insurance, Benson's Chevrolet, The Tyson Store or Ludlow NAPA.  Click on the Links button above for their locations.


If you have any questions please feel free to call me at, 802-228-7877.


Missy Benson, Membership Chairperson


On-Line Membership Application 2017-2018


Directions for purchasing TMA’s on line:

1)      Download application (Click on button below)

2)      Insert requested info which includes:

a.       Snowmobile serial number

b.      Model year

c.       Manufacturer (Check box)

d.      State snowmobile is registered in

e.      Registration number

f.        Full name

g.       Mailing address

h.      Physical address if different from mailing address

i.         Rider’s name if different from registered owner

j.         Year born

k.       Gender (Check box)

l.         Email address

m.    Phone number (needed if additional information is necessary)

n.      Check TMA type being purchased

o.      Insert amount you wish to contribute toward “Club Grooming”

p.      Read and accept liability statement by signing form

q.      Date

3)      If paying by check, print the form and send it along with the check to the Club at the above address

4)      If paying by credit card click on button below that says "Click here to pay" to pay and save the completed form

5)      Attach the completed form and email it to “”

6)      Repeat for additional sleds

7)      Application will be processed upon validation that remittance has been submitted and TMA will be mailed to purchaser

Please note- TMA's are issued by VAST and are not returnable once issued.  Therefore, all sales are final and all payments are not refundable.


On Line Application Click here


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